In 2013, I took courage and leapt into unfamiliar waters. It was scary but I decided not to wage war with fear and instead brought it with me in my journey to the unknown. I knew in my heart what I wanted to do and trusted it with everything I had. Looking back, I feel grateful for the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned. I realized along the way that a true artist is constantly evolving and is always in a state of becoming. I asked myself this morning, “What changed?”. Everything.

In the early months of my art making, I met a gallery owner whose advice to me was, “Your art has to look serious and important in order for you to be a successful artist.” I tried to follow his advice only to find myself feeling so sad and miserable that I almost felt like quitting. So I stopped and allowed myself to create and release my work as it is with joy and gladness. I chose instead to be the odd one who dares to have fun.

"Life is short but amazing and wonderful. And that one’s worth is not measured by successes or failures but how committed one is to doing what brings her to life."

It isn’t always easy to live a creative life – stubbornly bringing out the treasures that are hidden deep within you – but it’s always, always worth it