Hello, welcome to my creative sanctuary!

I am Martie, a visual artist, a home entrepreneur and a children’s protection advocate living in a beautiful tropical country, the Philippines.

Painting has allowed me to combine motherhood and art, for my work celebrates what I know and love best: my children.

 One hand in the story books, the other in the studio, and never going anywhere without a pen and a paper or my digital notebook to jot down an idea or inspiration. Creativity pushes me to become a better mother while motherhood makes my work richer and more meaningful. 

Love is the spirit that motivates the artist’s journey.
– Eric Maisel

My home has become my workshop.

I have always wanted to carve a safe space, a home set apart from the world, seeking and savoring small authentic joys for myself and the people I truly love. Art and creativity should not be limited to paint and a paint brush. Preparing a simple yet delicious meal, arranging beautiful flowers on the dinner table, making safe and all natural substitutes to staples at home are simple crafts I have embraced as art.

Hands to work, heart to God 
– Shaker Axiom

I thrive in creativity.

I am passionate in creating a home with a sense of authenticity, joy and belonging. 

I love making things for the home and surrounding ourselves with meaningful pieces that speak to our souls.

I would love to open our home and share this experience with you.

Thank you for stopping by.



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